Each year, more than 500,000 children are treated in hospitals and doctors' offices for injuries related to playground equipment. Many of these injuries can be prevented or lessened in severity.

This quick quiz will help you evaluate the safety of the playgrounds where your children play.

Playground Safety Quiz

1. Grass is a safe surface for playground equipment.
False. Grass is not recommended for playground surfacing because its ability to absorb shock can be affected by weather conditions and wear. Softer surfaces, such as wood mulch, shredded tires, or sand can reduce the number of injuries.

2. The majority of injuries on playground equipment occur on slides.
False. The vast majority of injuries on playgrounds are connected to climbing equipment and swings.

3. Children must always be supervised on the playground - no matter how old they are.
True. Close supervision by a responsible adult may be the most important factor in preventing playground injuries.

4. Falls are the most common type of playground accident.
True. More than half of injuries on a playground result from falls to a surface.

5. If a playground is newer with modern equipment, it is safe.
False. Hazards can develop in even the most modern playground. The equipment could break or bolts could loosen. The playing surface may not be properly maintained.

6. Stairways to slides or platforms must have handrails on both sides.
True. Be sure the handrails are shaped and sized for an easy, complete grasp by your child.

7. Play areas for preschoolers and older children should be separated.
True. Good playground design is an important factor in preventing injuries. Areas for active play, such as swings, should be separated from areas for quiet play, like sandboxes. And areas for the most popular activities should be widely spaced apart.